Frequently asked questions

Q: Has the castle got a roof?

A: All our units are fitted with shower covers unless otherwise stated, but we must point out that they offer only limited protection from bad weather.

Q: Does the castle have to be plugged in?

A: Yes. We require a standard 13amp socket to plug the unit in.
The socket should ideally be located no more than 50m from where the unit is to be placed.

Q: My event is in a field & has no electricity supply.
Can you still supply a castle?

A: Yes. We can bring a generator or petol fuelled blower to the booking.
There will be an extra charge for this, and we need to know well in advance of the hire date that an alternative power source will be needed.

Q: Does the castle have to be set up on grass?

A: No. We can set our units up on any smooth and level surface.

Q: What if it rains on the day?

A: In the event of bad weather, you can phone us on the morning of the booking and cancel your hire at no charge.
In very bad conditions, we will phone you to confirm you are still happy to go ahead with the booking, or in extreme cases we may cancel your booking in the interests of Health & Safety.

Q: What if I need to cancel for another reason?

A: Phone us as soon as you can if you wish to cancel your booking. We make no charge for cancelled bookings.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Payment should be made, IN CASH, to our delivery team when your castle is delivered.
We accept cheques, but these must be received at least 7 working days before the date of the booking.
A receipted invoice will be issued upon request.

Q: When will the inflatable be delivered?

A: We aim to have all our inflatables delivered and set up by noon.
The actual time each one is delivered is dependent on the number of units and the locations to be delivered to on any particular day.
Our collection route follows the same delivery route, ensuring all customers get a similar amount of hire time.

Q: Do you charge for delivery?

A: This is dependent on the location of your booking. Please phone us for more details.

Q: Do you stay with the unit?

A: Normally, we don’t. We deliver your unit, set it up, make sure you’re completely happy with it and then leave you to it until it’s time for us to come and collect the unit.

We are able to provide members of staff to supervise units at an additional charge. Please phone us for more information on this.

Q: Can the inflatable be used indoors?

A: Yes. All our inflatables are suitable for indoor use, providing the space is large enough. Please be sure to discuss measurements with us before booking a castle for an indoor event.

Q: How much does it cost to run the castle all day?

A: Our castles run off 750w motors, so they cost less than 10p per hour to run.

Q: My party doesn’t start until the evening. Can I still have a castle?

A: Some of our units are available for overnight hire. For this we require an upfront payment of the hire cost plus a surcharge. We also require a refundable deposit. Please phone us for more details.

Q: Do I have to leave the castle plugged in?

A: Yes. Even in bad weather the unit should be left inflated until our team arrives to collect it.